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OPRC activities include Monday Night Fun Runs, Tuesday Monthly Meetings, Wednesday Night Speed Training, Saturday Morning Fun Runs, Sunday Monthly Trail Runs, Running for OPRC in the CARA Circuit Races, planning and volunteering at The Race That’s Good for Life 5K, Chicago Marathon Water Station volunteering, as well as additional special events throughout the year. These activities help members enhance the pleasures of running, as well as allow members to interact and create friendships in running & non-running activities

  • Discounts & Free Stuff...
    Free ID shoe tag with membership, discounted 60-minute massages, discounted family membership of only $5 more per year.
  • Running Partners...
    OPRC membership directory allows you to contact your fellow OPRC members to coordinate runs or other cross-training activities (since many OPRC members bike, swim, do triathlons, cross-country ski, etc…)