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The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit is our competitive series of races. CARA members can compete in this circuit of races for points and year-end awards in Overall, Individual Age Group, Clydesdale and Club competitions (see below). This Circuit was assembled with the input of CARA’s membership, the CARA Racing Committee, the CARA staff and CARA Board of Directors.

The purpose of a competitive circuit is to determine the best all-around runners and not favor either short or long distance runners. It also offers Chicago area runners of all ages and abilities the opportunity to pursue personal goals, earn awards and experience the camaraderie of fellow runners. Races in this Runners Choice Circuit are expected to pursue CARA certification and comply with CARA’s Best Practices Guidelines.

Overall and Individual Age Group Competition: CARA members do not need to register for competition in either of these categories. Members are followed and scored automatically. Members must read the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Rules for complete information on who is scored, how scoring is done, required races, eligibility for awards and much more.
Clydesdale and Athena (weight division) Competition: CARA members wishing to compete in the Clydesdale Competition must register since competitors are tracked and scored separately. Read the Clydesdale Competition Rules and submit completed application to CARA.

Club/Team Competition: Clubs/teams must register to compete. Again, scoring is done separately for this competition. Read the Club Competition Rules and submit fee and application to CARA.

Corporate Team Competition: Teams representing Chicagoland companies and corporations can also compete against one another; however, they compete in a separate series of races. Teams must register; scoring is specific to this competition.

Read the Corporate Team Competition Rules, see list of races in this competition; submit fee and application to CARA.

For more information on each of the circuit races, visit the CARA Runners' Choice Circuit Competition website or the race website.